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EPS Exterior Building Decoration & Interior Design

EPS exterior & interior decorations (Decorative EPS) is a smart alternative in the building decoration industry. It is lightweight, easy to handle and install on-site, as well as availability of varied facade solutions for all interfaces. It is designed to achieve aesthetic factors integrated with the essential elements of the building.

As for interior design, decorative EPS imitate bricks, stones, or any other desired shape. Decorative EPS are designed to be installed quickly and easily. Thus, minimize workload, material consumption, and time. Some of the advantages of decorative EPS are that they are lightweight, large in size and easy to form.

Compared to gypsum-made brick or stone, decorative EPS are much favored, as gypsum is heavy and fragile, while decorative EPS are very lightweight, do not brittle or break when dropped or handled with less care.

We offer varied panel shapes, in addition to customized cutting to specific dimensions. As for the installation, it is done by applying the adhesive from the tube to the back of the polystyrene, then it to the wall. After drying, the decorative EPS should be painted with water-based paint.

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